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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fightin' Texas Aggies

There are a million reasons why I am so proud to be an alumnus of Texas A&M University. Those of you who haven't experienced the excitement of Aggieland and the spoken and unspoken kinship we share with other Aggies won't understand, so I won't bother with an explanation (outsiders not "getting it" is part of the aforementioned reasons). I can now add this to my already growing Why I Love Being an Aggie list.

Texas A&M University now ranks No. 1 in "Smart Money" magazine's national ratings for "payback ratio"—the earnings levels of an institution's graduates compared to what they paid in tuition, fees and related costs for their undergraduate educations.

In other words, Harvard Smarvard. Even though other colleges charge much more in tuition, Aggie grads will make high salaries.

You can read the story here.

Can I get a Whoop!


amyf said...

Soooo there is a mispelled word AND a grammatical error in the final sentence of your post about your fantastic education! I wouldn't have pointed it out except that I'm still bitter about not having been featured on the blog.
Either way, great news- I'm so glad to know I can count on my A&M educated big brothers to support me if the lucrative world of social work fails me.
Tell my fairygodchild hello!

amyf said...

p.s. I don't know why it labels me as "amyf." I tried to do Tink but it won't change it. The inconsistency is not good for Lincoln's development, don't you think? I'm very concerned.
Also I just saw that UT is #2 on that list ( I can't believe the B/CS paper included that tidbit AND called us by our real name)so, so much for my plan for support from the brothers.