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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


After checking out the grocery ads, I decided to do my weekly shopping at Tom Thumb. Nothing grabbed my attention at Kroger. Before store promotions and coupons, my total was $117.81. After discounts, promotions and coupons, my total was $47.73 for a savings total of %60. Even though I've stayed within my grocery budget the last 6-8 weeks, the good deals have been few and far between. I was excited to get a bunch of staples for our pantry. I have plenty of ground sirloin and chicken breast in the freezer, so we'll be set for another week.

Today's haul!

Some of my best deals from today.
Crystal Light - Free
Diet 7up 2 liter - Free
Diet Sunkist 2 liter - Free
4 Boxes of cereal $1.17 each
3 Large Jello pudding $0.16 each (we love parfaits around here)
2 boxes Wheat Thins $1.00 each
Juice boxes $0.50
2 jugs of Bleach $0.49 each

Found another grocery bag...a few more things.

And before you say anything...I don't buy paper towels or paper plates, but I got these today for pennies and I couldn't resist. I did buy 100% recycled foil, so it all balances out, right?

Weekly meal plan:
Wednesday: Spicy shrimp stir fry with veggies
Thursday: Bacon, spinach and Swiss Quiche and fruit salad
Friday: Burgers on the grill and fries
Saturday: probably grab a bite out
Sunday: Chipotle Lime Grilled chicken breast and roasted corn on the cob, watermelon, parfaits
Monday: Whole wheat spaghetti, green beans, bread
Tuesday: Always breakfast for dinner since I work until 8pm:)


Amy said...

So organized! I need to develop this skill of organization and patience in this department.

Angi said...

We'd like to come over for dinner every night except Saturday--is that okay? :)

candicebishop said...

Uh... WOW! Great job Marcy!