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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lincoln and the ER

Friday night started out the weekend rather uneventfully. We ordered a pizza and settled in for a night of College Hoops. Riding the Ags solid first round win over BYU, we ate our pizza on a blanket in front of the TV and Lincoln sat with us. This is the highchair we use. We took it off the chair and sat in on the blanket. After dinner, we sat it back on the kitchen chair, but forgot to strap it in. The next morning, Lincoln ate breakfast in his highchair. When he finished, I took the tray off and was wiping it down. He started rocking back and forth and then suddenly fell face first, still attached to the highchair. He started screaming and was bleeding everywhere. We decided to go to the ER, just in case. (I couldn't get Natasha Richardson and her skiing accident out of my mind). After a 90 min wait, the doctor said other than a busted lip and torn frenulum, he was fine. His little nose was bleeding and puffy, but he'll be just fine. Luckily, it looks like it won't affect his budding modeling career. I'm joking, sort of!
I don't have a picture to share, because once we got home from the ER, he went right to sleep and once he woke up, the swelling was much better. We headed to my parents to watch the Ags play UCONN and we got killed. I guess there is always next year.

Here are a few more random pictures of our Lincoln.

Playing at the park with his lady friend Audrey.

He grabbed this out of our recycle box and ran into our bedroom. Nothing is coming out Mom!


The Northups said...

Oh my goodness!! Poor baby! I'm sure that was very scary! Glad to hear he is already much better.

Amy said...

I've forgotten to snap mine in (not snapping the seat to the chair, but the kid to the chair and left them for a second. Then remembered what I had done in time to run back to them before they fall... I'm sure it will happen some time. Glad Lincoln is okay. Poor thing... I bet he was terrified as well as his parents!

Angi said...

Poor Lincoln! Unfortunately that probably won't be the last visit to the ER! Love the pic from the park --we had fun with you guys!

Jayme said...

Poor sweet boy! I know everytime a bump happens over here and especially add blood to the mix there's a little bit of widespread panic! :) It probably won't be his last big bump but glad everything turned out ok!