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Thursday, March 26, 2009

I love the 80's

Today, my friend Angi and I chaperoned Lincoln and Audrey's first date at the roller skating rink. We went to Thunderbird Skate in Plano. Growing up, I attended many a birthday party at this very same rink. While managing not to fall, we worked up a light sweat, reminisced over leg warmers and slap bracelets and had a really good time. Here are a few pictures of our morning. Oh, I was a little disappointed in the music selection. While they played Footloose, that was the only real 80's shout out!
Lincoln and Audrey
Here's one for the scrapbook

Cracking each other up mid-snack.

A close up

Group shot


The Northups said...

How fun! I've read about stroller skating on the quad blog! Do they not take song request anymore?!? That was the best! :)

candicebishop said...

What a fun idea! I've heard friends talk about it, but I'm already too many kids past that option really! Just thinking of pushing my double stroller and wearing an infant in a wrap... in roller skates... yeah, its just too much. I think we'd all topple over. :)