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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Do you call a boy "diva" a DIVO?

We got a call on Monday that Belk Department Store wanted Lincoln in their Spring Catalog, so Lincoln and I braved the cold fog yesterday and headed downtown. This was Lincoln's first shoot. The protocol is they have the kid and then a back-up in case the kid has a meltdown, clothes don't fit, etc. When we got there, there were 6 kids there for the 830 timeslot, different ages and sizes. Lincoln was to represent the 18month boys. He was dressed in a little white polo, red plaid shorts and man sandals. He has a HUGE rug burn on his nose, so he got a little touch up and they said they could photoshop the rest. He didn't like the makeup and teared-up. I took him back where the lights and cameras were, but the second I put in down, he cried. A real boo-hoo, mamamamama kind of cry. He didn't bounce back (they gave him maybe 30 seconds to snap out of it), so they let the other little boy try, but he cried even harder. So, they shot the little girl and said they could edit someone else in later if needed. So, after about 30 seconds of "work" we left with a pretty hefty check. Let's just say I'm in the wrong business:)

As a side note, Lincoln is usually pretty chumby with strangers or at least warms up really fast. There was a lot of chaos going on, people talking, lots of noise, people walking in and out, lots of lights, etc. It was also a little early, so I'm blaming those things. It couldn't be Lincoln:) Nonetheless, it was an experience and we were back in McKinney before 10am. If he gets another chance, we'll probably try it again. Might as well pad his college fund.

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Amy said...

You come up with the best ideas for saving money/making a little extra. How did you get him set up to be a model on stand-by? Seriously, I am interested!