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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Galore

We love Christmas around the Blake house! We usually put the tree up Thanksgiving weekend, but I couldn't wait that long...so the weekend before, we put the tree up, sans ornaments so Lincoln could get used to it. He was so excited to see the tree and he would sit and stare at it. Once the ornaments went up, he proceeded to look at it without incident. Now, the "admiring from afar" has worn off and he pulls an ornament off usually once a day. We've only lost a few thanks to his gentle touch. All in all, he has done significantly better than we anticipated. I can already see him falling in love with the lights, sounds and festivities of Christmas...now if he could only grasp the true meaning of Christmas....then again, he's only 15 months old!

This was our first tree as a married couple. It's now our secondary tree in the sitting room. It's mainly red and white.

Our mantle, with real garland this year and it smells divine. I also got our stockings embroidered with our names this year.

Our pride and joy. This is our newest addition. Nine spectacular feet of Christmas glory. This baby has 1200+ lights and 3500+ tips. It is a Fraiser Fir, though artificial, looks very convincing. Now, we just need more ornaments to fill her up!
Merry, Merry Christmas!


Sarah said...

It looks lovely! I'm already wondering how Anna will do with the tree next year... :)

The Northups said...

Beautiful!!!!!! Like a magazine!! Derek told me the other day that I was allowed to put up two trees next year....seeing your pics of both trees makes me so excited about it!