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Friday, February 3, 2012

Go Go Squeeze!

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Well even though our GoGo Squeeze challenge has come to an end, our New Year's resolution of  15 minutes of outdoor play is only 33% done.  It has been fun documenting progress on our goal to be outside in some capacity for a minimum 15 minutes per day.  Looks like since January 1, there were only 6 days we didn't get outside.  A few of those were sick days, not too bad.  Getting outside, enjoying nature, fresh air and keeping away from TV, video games, etc has been great.  My boys have become better at independent play, enjoy playing together and wake up asking to play outside first thing in the morning.   I think the biggest lesson I learned is that kids don't need "stuff" to have fun.  Their imaginations are bigger than life and they can have fun with a brother and a pile of rocks.  I often hear people say "my kids don't like to play outside".  And they might not at first, but with a little help they can learn to love the outdoors as much as we do!  We have had such lovely spring weather, but I know the Texas heat is just around the corner. Thank goodness for splash pads, pools and water parks. We're going to need it to continue on our goal!

April 27 - We are meeting friends at the splash pad and park this morning. It's a gorgeous day!
April 26 - Daddy stayed home with the boys all day. They hit up three parks after school. Lincoln went to daddy's softball fields and played some baseball.
April 25 - We tried a new park with lots of shade. I made an obstacle course for Linoln to race in.
April 24 - This is our 8th wedding anniversary. We planted some more herbs in our garden and the boys helped fill pots with dirt.

April 27 - We are meeting friends at the splash pad and park this morning.  It's a gorgeous day!
April 26 - Daddy stayed home with the boys all day.  They hit up three parks after school.  Lincoln went to daddy's softball fields and played some baseball.
April 25 - We tried a new park with lots of shade.  I made an obstacle course for Linoln to race in.
April 24 - This is our 8th wedding anniversary.  We planted some more herbs in our garden and the boys helped fill pots with dirt.
April 23 - Park date with friends.  Sutton highjacked the splash pad.
April 22 - We spent the entire day outside after church.  We played outside, planted some vegetables in our new garden and ended the day at the splash pad by our house.
April 21- Soccer game!
April 20 - A few morning sprinkles, but we managed to make the most of being outside this spring.
April 19 - It was so pretty, we stayed after school for a half hour to play on the school playground.
April 18 - More outside playtime in the backyard after a trip to the local firestation.  We've had the best weather!

April 17 - We watched our friend Walker in the morning while big brother was at school.  The little boys loved being outside.  90 minute park date with our friends Kate, Mason and Caroline and soccer practice.
April 16 - Bike ride around the neighborhood.
April 15 - Daddy was at a golf tournament after church and it rained on and off at our house.  Stayed inside and played with friends.
April 14 - We walked around the opening day of the Spring Season farmer's market.  We brought home some veggies and honey. Afternoon soccer game. Friends came for dinner and we played outside some more.
April 13 - Friday night yard work and a little gardening.
April 12 - Dad took the boys around the neighborhood in Lincoln's big black truck.


April 11 - park day with friends
April 10 - Lincoln missed school, but was feeling a little better, so we ate lunch outside.
April 9 - Sutton and I swang in the backyard.  Lincoln stayed inside; he was sick.

April 8 - Egg hunt to celebrate Easter, even though it rained.
April 7 - Daddy took the boys to the park in the morning.
April 6 - Daddy came home early and we did yardwork.
April 5 - Outside play with babysitter Kendall.
April 4 - Played out side in the back yard
April 3 - So much rain.  The Dallas area had 10 tornadoes touch down.  After school, we hunkered down watching the news and praying for safety!  Lincoln did get to play outside at school, though.
 Post candy

April 2 - Easter Egg hunt with our playgroup.
April 1- worked in the yard planting flowers.

March 31 - Easter Egg hunt with church class and a picnic at the park. 

March 30 - Played outside from 8-12 this morning.  Enjoyed dinner outside and frozen yogurt for dessert.  Attempted some bluebonnet pictures.
March 29 - Spring Fling at school.
March 28 - We walked 1.5 miles to WalMart to buy a few things. Total trip 3 miles and about 90 away from the house.
March 27 - Major construction going on in the backyard!
March 26 - Walk to the park in our neighborhood to meet friends to play and picnic.
March 25 - Busy day! 2 birthday parties, but we did manage a little soccer before bathtime.

March 24 - Did yardwork with Daddy and had a water balloon fight.
March 23 - Daddy stayed home from work and played baseball.
March 22 - Played in Auntie Holly's backyard and fed her chickens.
March 21 - Met our new baby cousin in Austin and played at the park.
March 20 - Helped Daddy change a tire and swang at dusk.
March 19 - Blew bubbles outside before it rained.
March 18 - Played in our backyard after we got home from Houston.
March 17 - Played at the park at Uncle Dillon's house in Houston
March 16 - Ate lunch outside at Gigi's and walked around a flea market.  Gorgeous day! 
March 15 - swang outside while Aleen babysat

March 14 - Park time at the Rock Quarry.
March 13 - We were outside almost the whole day.  It's spring break and daddy came home early.  We did yardwork before dinner. 
March 12 - A little hiking at Rocket Park with our friend Conner.
March 11 - What a gorgeous day it turned out to be.  Once the rain moved on, it was so pretty.  We enjoyed the sunshine in our own backyard.
March 10 - We just hung out all day.  It was chilly and rainy, so we opted to stay in.
March 9 - It's Friday!  Even though its super cold, we have already bundled up for a little running around.  Then, we played baseball after dinner with friends.
March 8 - It was cold and rainy all day.  We thought about going on a walk in the rain, but opted for some Wii instead.
March 7 - We played with sidewalk chalk in between rain showers.
March 6 - Such a windy day, we blew some bubbles in the backyard.

A little GoGo Squeeze at our picnic
March 5- Went to the park and enjoyed a picnic lunch.  It was such a perfect day, we had friends stop by to play in the backyard before dinner.
March 4 - Worked in the yard, played in the dirt
March 3 - Played soccer in the backyard with dad
March 2 - Played in the sand box and had a picnic outside
March 1 - Went for a bike ride with daddy
February 29 - Went to the driving range to hit golf balls with Memer
February 28 -  Played in the backyard with our new bubble Mater.
February 27 - Went for a bike ride/walk
February 26 - Daddy and Lincoln played go fish outside and we did lots of work in the yard.  Plus, we practiced a little soccer.
February 25 - Stopped at a new park to show Daddy how Lincln can do monkey bars.  Ate our lunch outside by a pond.
February 24 - Went to a a new park, it was windy and chilly!
February 23 - Played on the playground at school before we went home.
February 22 - Trip to Rocket Park
February 21 - Bubbles and sidewalk chalk in the backyard
February 20 - Walked around uptown in Dallas
February 19 - Helped Daddy do some yardwork (mowing, pulling weeds)
February 18 - Tried out our new raincoat and umbrella.
February 17 - Gorgeous day. Went to the park and for a walk around the pond.
February 16 Played outside with Daddy after work
February 14 - 15 Played outside in the backyard.  On Wednesday we were out there for 2.5 hours
Chilly bike ride

February 13 - took a very chilly bike/stroller ride around the block. 
February 10 - 12 We have struggled to get out of the 30's.  It's been so cold, we have holed up inside and played basketball, soccer in the hall, and "pass the ball". 
February 9 - Played outside with our babysitter Kendall.
February 7-8 Played in the backyard.

February 6: Played at a local park
February 5: Baseball with Dad - it was chilly.
February 4: Looked at some tractors and riding mowers outside.
February 3: Went for a walk in the double stroller, in the rain, to CVS to buy Valentine Candy.
February 2: Stayed after school and played on the school playground.
February 1: Used our magnifying glass to look at grubs in the flowerbeds.
January 31: Played on our swing set and had "swinging races".

Having lunch

January 30 -We ate lunch on the picnic table outside.
January 29 - Washed the cars in the driveway with Daddy.
January 27 - 28: Spent the night with the grandparents and played baseball and hit some golf balls with grandpa. We made a birdfeeder out of a pinecone, peanut butter and birdseed.
January 23 - We played outside in the backyard over 4 hours today. We made our own bubbles.

park picnic

January 21-22: Weekend! We did yard work and played in the backyard with our new baseball bat and balls.
January 20 - Walk to the park for a picnic.
January 18 - 19: Sutton was sick, no outside play.
January 17 - Walked to the park to play.
January 16 - Played at Frisco Commons park with Daddy on MLK day.
January 13 - 15: trip to Houston to visit the boys' great grandparents. We played at a park and rodes bikes during the visit.
January 8 - 12: more backyard play with a walk in the rain!

January 7: Trip to the Heard Wildlife Museum. We checked out the animals and dinosaur exhibit
January 6: Hike at rocket park. We took our binoculars and looked for redbirds.
January 1 - January 5: played in our backyard everyday

Right after the new year, I submitted a resolution on the GoGo Squeeze Facebook page. They contacted me to say I was one of 15 finalist to win a full years supply of Go Go Squeeze. They immediately sent me a case of Go Go Squeeze to the house (84 pouches!!!) and said to use the next three months to document our goal. I'm going to add to this post every few days to document how we are doing. Hopefully, we'll win. If you don't know about Go Go Squeeze, check it out here!

Here is the resolution I submitted: Even though we are only 11 days in, one of my goals for 2012 is to take my boys (Lincoln, age 4 and Sutton, age 15 months) outside everyday for a minimum of 15 minutes per day. We are 100% right now, haven't missed a day. This might not sound like a big deal, but we are fully committed to going outside in some capacity every day, regardless of the weather or our busy schedules. We already went for a super cold walk in the rain this week and had a blast jumping in puddles. We also went on a little hike at a local park and went looking for cardinals with our binoculars. We are using this book as our inspiration. Though our part of Texas has decent winters, we aren't used to the cold and snow, and have months of 100+ degree days. Regardless, we plan to explore outside all year long!

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