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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tomorrow is Lincoln's third Thanksgiving feast. Here is a peak at his first two.
He was about 10 weeks old here.

Last year at Thanksgiving. He actually got to eat the food!

I made them wear the hats I made.

Looking forward to spending the day with family and watching the Aggies play basketball and football in one day! Woohoo! Two years ago Ryan, my parents and I went to watch the Aggies play t.u. in College Station. Lincoln spent those few hours with Ryan's parents, it was my first time leaving him. We both survived, the Ags won, and we hope tomorrow will be a repeat!


Kimberly said...

Those pictures are great!!!! :)

Jayme said...

I LOVE Cindy's face with the hat picture...ha! Love it! Happy Thanksgiving old friend - give everyone my love :)